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MLS/Office Listings Feed Site

Display all MLS listing in a custom designed website. Manage your in-house listings data through your existing MLS account.

Include this into your existing site or create an agent specific site. Donít accept a plain and generic MLS designed interface for your web clients.

MLS/Office Listings Feed websites include the following features:

  • Nightly IDX data extraction to keep all listings current and up-to-date.
  • Custom Designed Page Layout
  • Custom Graphics with your office branding
  • Multiple page display for each listing includes the following:
    • Detailed listing information page
    • Detailed pictorial profile
    • Detailed mapping page
    • Property specific lead capture page
  • SEO Designed pages
  • Unique URL (Great for SEO and allows for QR code identification)

Pricing: $100/month

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