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Geographic Property Profile

Want to include custom Google Maps within your own website?

This service item will allow you to utilize and tailor the Google Maps API to depict each of your listings. This mapping component can be embedded within your own listing page or presented as a separate stand-alone page. Either way the mapping component will be presented according to a design layout that you specify and will include all of your company branding elements.

You can also define the mapping and display functions that the user will see, for example zooming, map layers (satellite and street view), custom icons, etc.

Here are some of the elements that this service includes:

  • Single property geographic profile with Satellite View, Map View and Street View
  • On the fly geo-referencing for each of your listings
  • Custom icon marker to depict subject property
  • Custom map sizing, layout and zoom leveling
  • Full integration with your existing site (This includes office branding and hyperlink connections to the rest of your site)
  • Custom pop-up information windows (You choose what is to be displayed within the pop-up window)

Basic Pricing: $450 - one time design preparation for all current & future listings

Contact Me about this website package.

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